With BIG THANKS to everyone who ordered early, please know that ALL orders for the special t-shirt offer have been shipped via Priority Mail, and you should be getting them this week! If you didn’t get in on that deal, you still have time to save big – tickets are only $100 through New Year’s Eve (12/31/16)! Check HERE for online ordering & mail order info! Note: (RV passes are available via mail order only)

Hey Musicians! Think you’d fit our party? Coming soon we’ll have BATTLE OF THE BANDS info, with signups for voting starting on January 1. The top winner gets a featured cabin set at StrangeCreek!

We’d like to leave you with this bit of warmth: as we look ahead to the warmer days of May and StrangeCreek Campout 2017, please enjoy this wonderful video put together by Nikki Bevans, who also volunteered for the event. We think she really captured the spirit of StrangeCreek and Wormtown events in general. Thanks Nikki!

Be well and stay tuned! More soon!

The Worms