Hello Good Worms!

What’s better than 3 nights of music and camping?

We will once again be offering Thursday entry for Worms who like to settle in early. For an additional $30 per person and starting >> NO EARLIER << than 3pm on Thursday, Worms are welcome to get a primo campsite and spend their time making their home for the weekend before the music starts. And they won’t have to wait too long for that either, with an extra night of music in the cabins. Please join us in welcoming our Thursday Night bands: Particle, Gratefully Yours, rice: an American Band, and August First. 

With just over ONE MONTH left until the show, we know you are understandably excited. Share your excitement with us on the event page! Make new friends before the show 🙂

And speaking of friends, be a good one and remind yours that WORMTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL is having its annual EARLY WORM TIX & TEES which means tickets are THE LOWEST THEY WILL EVER BE ++++ you get a sweet t-shirt or tank top FREE with each ticket ordered, ONLY $90! Don’t drag your little Worm heels on this one because the price will go up May 2nd, and then a few more times before the show – the earlier you buy the more you save! And after May 1st, you won’t be able to get the limited edition Early Worm tee so buy early and wear your loyalty with pride.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We love you!

The Worms