Hey, Worms!

March Madness continues as we dance our way to the final four in our annual battle of the bands. This week will decide two of these spots as we move into the regional semi-finals in MA and CT. Congratulations to Moon Matrix of the Lizard People who join Fiction and Cars Go West in the CT regional semi-finals at Bleacher’s on Wednesday. Meanwhile in Northampton, we sent TWO bands onto the regional semi-finals with a TIE between Good Trees River Band and Lemon Street, who join Raspberry Jam and The Lox & Keyes Theory on Tuesday at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton

Battles on Mondays at The Stone Church in Brattlebeoro VT, andThursdays at The Parlour in Providence RI continue into the third and final qualifying round this week as we look for our last couple bands to compete in the regional semi-finals. Congratulations to last week’s qualifying bands, Zillawatt and How’s About Charlie for squeaking past the competition. 

Thanks to ALL the bands for their musical chops and friendly attitudes. You make our feet move and our faces smiles! Every week these battles uncover so much fresh musical talent and diverse sounds — the regional semi-final battles will undoubtedly be jam packed with fresh licks, solid beats and mind bending solos. You don’t want to miss your chance to shape the future of our shows by joining the dance floor jury and helping us decide on the FINAL FOUR to compete in an epic concluding battle at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield MA on Saturday, April 13 where we will crown a winner and bestow on them the coveted cabin set… and we have been known to reward other bands, too 😉

Check in on the event pages to see the winning bands showcased and to catch up on all battle news, and make your voices heard on the dance floor jury!

Plus make sure to check out ALL our event listings — we have shows throughout April and May to keep your wiggle muscles strong for festival season. We recently added a pre-party in Holyoke MA with the sultry Kat Wright who graces our lineup for StrangeCreek Campout in May.  

Go see music. Then go again. And again. And again. Tell them the Worms sent you 🙂

Much love,
The Worms