Wow… that was about as much fun as we ever could have hoped for, all things considered! Big, warm, long-distance THANK YOU to ALL who tuned in for our StrangeCreek Camp-IN virtual festival this weekend. It was truly heart-warming to watch so many fun scenes and hear so much great music from our past gatherings, while also hearing from so many of you via chat and in your posts here. At times it felt like we were all just ‘this close’ to actually being in the same place again… which feeds our faith that we WILL be together again soon.

And we are SO PROUD of the generosity of Worms during this difficult time with so many of you participating in the SHS Drive by Food Drive, donating 437 POUNDS of food to The Orange Food Pantry — way to go Worms!

We are extremely grateful for your support and for being part of this wonderful thing over the years. As we face a long, strange summer ahead, your support is appreciated as much as ever. If you’re able and inclined, you can support Wormtown directly by grabbing yourself some StrangeCreek Camp-IN *MERCH* from Wormtown store:  but make sure you do it soon because FEST MERCH SALES CLOSE AT 4:20pm TOMORROW! Or, if you’d rather, Venmo (@Wormtown) or PayPal ( .. and we can’t thank you enough!

The many talented performers who contributed to this weekend’s entertainment would also be super grateful for your support if you can manage it… they, like us, are currently looking at empty calendars going into a season that is traditionally full of work. Their pay link details are listed below.

Again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, we love you and miss you, hang on and help each other and keep the faith… we WILL be together (for real) again SOON!

Love, The Worms


Max Creek: @Max-Creek-8
Bill Carbone: @Bill-Carbone
Mike Mercier: @Mark-Mercier-9
Jay Stanley: @jamemurrell-stanley
Zach Deputy: @Zachy-Dee
Ryan Montbleau: @RyanMontbleau
The Machine @themachinelive
Alchemystics @Garrick-Perry-2
Consider The Source @Johnferrarabass
Gabriel Marin @gabriel-marin-1
Jeff Mann @Jeff-Mann-38
Secret Sage: @Michael-Allain
Hayley Jane: @Hayley_Jane
Adam Ezra: @adamezragroup
West End Blend: @westendblend11
Kung Fu @adrian-tramontano
John Spignesi Band @JSBMusic
Jeremiah Hazed @Jeremiah-Hazed
Leon Trout @LeonTroutmusic
Northeast Traffic @Northeast-Traffic
Terrafunk @Terrafunky
Desert Rain @hurricanefarm
Jeff King @jeffkinger
John Spignesi @JSBMusic
Jabbawaukee: @lowbmusic
Trichomes: @Stefan-Trogisch
The Breakfast: @thebreakfast
The Party Band: @FreshBeets
Rev Tor Band: @Torsten-Krautter
Rice: @Philip-Simon-5
Get Right Band: @thegetrightband
Mundo’s Crazy Circus @Keith-Doyle-13
Knotty G’s @TheKnottygs
Camp Kee-wanee @Camp-Kee-wanee
Wormtown @Wormtown


Max Creek:
Mark Mercier:
Pink Talking Fish:
Consider the Source:
Jeff Mann:
Gabriel Marin:
West end Blend:
Adam Ezra:
Creamery Station:
The Breakfast: PayPal:
Get Right Band:
Kung Fu:
Christopher Jacques:
Northeast Traffic:
Long Arm Rex:
Jeff King:

And you can also help us decide what up and coming local band will be added to the StrangeCreek lineup. For now, you can vote in our preliminary online poll for the 2020 StrangeCreek Battle of the Bands by heading over to the Battle Registry before February 15th; and then join us throughout May as the top bands in the online polls battle live at regional venues in VT, MA, RI, and CT. Join the dance floor jury because your boogie matters! Details are available at

Thanks for supporting live music!

The Worms