Battle of the Bands - Final BracketsWormtown Trading Co. is pleased to announce the winners from the ongoing 2014 StrangeCreek Battle of the Bands. Winners will continue to be announced as the weekly battles close. Come check these bands out again at the end of the March when they compete in their regional finals:


MONDAYS @ The Hartford Room

Blessed and Gifted

*see them again MONDAY March 24th at The Hartford Room!

TUESDAYS @ Bishop’s Lounge

West End Blend
Down County
Shantyman & The Speakeasies

*see them again TUESDAY March 25th at Bishop’s Lounge!

WEDNESDAYS @ The Stone Church

Mother Ton
Blanket Party
Neighborhood Formula

*see them again WEDNESDAY March 26th at The Stone Church!

THURSDAYS @ Gemstones

Ambiguous Figures
Jordan Koza Family Band
The Party Band

*see them again THURSDAY March 27th at Gemstones!

The excellent music continues throughout March, so join our dance floor jury ALL MONTH. See the full schedule at