Hey Friends!

Firstly, It was great to see and party with so many of you as we packed the house for Zach Deputy at the Palladium to celebrate Wormtown’s anniversary – what a blast, we love you all! 

We’re less than two weeks out from our best deal on StrangeCreek Campout 2018 tickets – starting “Cyber Monday” (Nov 27) through Dec 8, they’re ONLY $95 ~AND~ each ticket comes with a FREE t-shirt! 

We will be rushing these orders out after Dec 8 to make sure you get them for the holidays – they make great gifts, with a promise of big fun when spring rolls around! 

StrangeCreek Campout tickets go up to $110 starting Dec 9 through the end of the year; starting January 1 2018 they’ll be $120… which shows what a huge savings this offer is! 

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll come out dancing with us THIS SATURDAY at the awesomely refurbished PALLADIUM in Worcester as DARK STAR ORCHESTRA brings the party on their 20th anniversary tour! A perfect bridge night between the Boston Dead & Co shows – where you should also look for us at the show! We love finding friends at the party – come say hi!