Hi Worms!

Summer solstice ‘officially’ arrives just past midnight tonight, but already feels well underway, doesn’t it? It was great seeing so many of you at Fenway Park this past weekend, and we hope everyone has great adventures ahead!
We have just a few things to mention, including a great exclusive offer from our friends & neighbors at Green River Festival (see below!) who have some really great acts coming to Greenfield in July – and balloons! And be sure to stop by the Wormtown Booth if you come to the festival.
You can still get tickets to September’s Wormtown Music Festival for ONLY $100 now through July 3, when they go up to the $120 advance price.
…AND we’ll be making another exciting Wormtown Festival lineup announcement in early July.. We think you’re gonna really like some of these additions, so consider the $100 discounted tickets available now a leap of faith!Have a great week and safe travels, and keep in touch!
The Worms