We are super grateful for ALL of you who came out to make this year’s Wormtown Music Festival a truly wonderful gathering! A lot of you have told us you think it was the “best Wormtown ever” and we tend to agree. It was especially great to see so many long-time Wormtown veterans returning to the event and mixing so merrily with first-timers, along with so many growing, shining families. We are so proud of our community. Please feel free to share your pictures and memories on our event page.

LOST & FOUND: email derek@wormtown.com with a description of your missing stuff, and he’ll mail it back to you.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events… and we’re already looking forward to the 15th Annual StrangeCreek Campout in May and of course we hope you’ll be joining us!

Be well and enjoy the afterglow… we have to get back to cleaning up Camp Kee-Wanee now… cheers!

The Worms