Hello Friends! 

We’re pretty proud of all of our gatherings, but this past weekend at the 17th WORMTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL was really something extra special. Absolutely perfect weather, truly stellar musical performances everywhere you turned, endless smiles and good vibes, great work all around by our staff and volunteers, and a beautiful array of YOU fine folks who came out to join us.. EVERYTHING really came together to make this one of our finest festivals ever. In that spirit we can’t say it enough: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to ALL involved. These are the times that remind us why we do this, and how this community is truly something unique and wonderful.
We’d love to share some of your memories, so feel free to send your pictures to web@wormtown.com, and/or post ’em for all our friends to see on the event page.
…There you can also find links to listen again to much of the fantastic music that went down this year, but here’s a sampling to get you started.. and of course big thanks to our awesome core of tapers for preserving these memories! ENJOY!
On another note… If you think you left something behind, email derek@wormtown.com and if it wound up with us, we’ll get it back to you.
Winter may be coming but Worms don’t sleep, we have plans in the works and will be letting you know as we go.. and of course, we’re already taking first steps towards our next ‘family reunion’ – the 14th Annual StrangeCreek Campout next Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30 2016!
With that in mind, if you missed out on our super deal on StrangeCreek 2016 tickets at the show, they’re available at that rate via mail order until October 1 only. ONLY $80! This is the lowest price you’ll find!


Send a check or money order made out to: WORMTOWN.

Include a note with your name, contact information
& number of tickets with a SASE to:

Wormtown Trading Company
P. O. Box 659
Woodstock, CT 06281

In the meantime, keep in touch on Facebook and watch for updates onStrangeCreekCampout.com
Be well and have a wonderful autumn! Live it up!
The Worms