Hi all! 

Wow, only a month to go til we gather again at this year’s WORMTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL! Since many have been asking, we wanted to let you know that YES we we will be allowing EARLY ENTRY on THURSDAY. The rules are pretty much the same as past years:

  • Early Entry starts at 3PM on Thursday. PLEASE do not come earlier. Really. We’re still setting up!
  • Additional* cost is $30 per person, Cash Only, at the gate. (Must also have or purchase weekend admission, $30 is only for Thursday entry)
  • PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE when setting up your camp! Many neighbors will be coming; we want everyone to fit in and get along, right? So please don’t be space hogs.

And because so many of you like to come early, we’re kicking off the party with some ~great~ bands in the cabins, starting in the evening – including START MAKING SENSEBEARLY DEADBLACK MASALA, and CREAMERY STATION!
We’ll be coming at you with MORE exciting news NEXT WEEK, including sharing this year’s MUSIC SCHEDULE and info about SINGLE-DAY TICKETS. Meanwhile, you can keep in touch, share your excitement, and connect with friends on our EVENT PAGE!
….Stay tuned!!
The Worms